VoxTonus Sweden and China

VoxTonus was registered in Sweden 2011 and since 2019 there is also a Chinese Voxtonus. Watching and comparing the Chinese homepage with the Swedish, both seem to be the same company. However nothing could be more wrong. 

For your information and to avoid any confusion there is no connection between the companies. Neither the brands, persons, products, technology or story behind. However we share the same written content, including about me as person and a photo. I have even been promoted to Dr Nils Hjelte which might be close to be true but I never finished my Phd.

All VoxTonus products today’s date still remain with the origin purchaser and all are in use in Europe. If you have bought a VoxTonus somewhere outside Europe you can be sure it has not been developed, produced, or tested in the VoxTonus premises in Sweden.

The Cochlea technology is still a secret that has never been revealed outside VoxTonus. I know this because the product are still handcrafted by me. Cochlea technology cannot be heard, it’s quiet, it’s an illusion of true music experience. Perhaps the reason why my customers stay with the product.

/Nils Hjelte – Founder of VoxTonus

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