Meet the maker

My first stereo system was made from my sister’s Garrard gramophone, my mother’s tube radio, and a floor-standing bookshelf converted to a huge speaker. I realized it sounded better depending on where I placed the loudspeaker on the floor. This is where it started, my lifelong interest in authentic music experience. Somewhere along the line I realized that the true music experience only exists once. In the moment when it’s played, by you or by someone else. Luckily a skilled sound engineer’s recording will pick up a fragment of that moment. The timbre in the voice or instrument, it’s coloring, space, crispness, dynamics can be part of that fragment. These details, the tension in the voice or instrument, can create the illusion of being true. You will notice it on your breathing and heartbeat. This music experience leads you to yourself. But only if the sound is pure enough. This requires a good audio system where all interdependent links are in balance. Over several decades I searched for all these variables and links, sometimes without knowing it at the time. But the goal was to identify those that set the purity level, those that are controllable and those that are not. I’m linking common sense with digital innovation and knowledge as old as ancient civilizations. As a passionate music lover, I want to use what I learned to create that true music experience. As a scientist and engineer I know it is impossible. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try. My research finally rewarded me with a pure sound illusion. That’s when I started VoxTonus.

– Nils Hjelte
Creator of VoxTonus