The Cocclea family

Three big and active speakers in small size from the Cocclea family.

Developed for music enthusiast with very high demands on natural reproduction of any music source. Digital or analog signal direct from the CD, pre-amp, docking station, PC or streaming.

Active with digital filters and amplifier adapted for each driver to maintain best possible audio quality out of the concept solution. Composite materials in aluminium used in a complex cabinet to minimize colouring. Drivers with Neodynium magnets technology are combined with extreme linear cone excursion for lowest possible distortion.

The chosen technology emanate from trying to understand our hearing physiology, the psycho-acoustics and the demands from the variety of how sound is generated.

The interaction of sounds time of flight, source coherence, sound pressure, dispersion control, frequency flatness and speakers pairing is vital for our ears. As separated phenomina they have otherwise little  authority on our hearing.

Technical information:

Technical information:GeneralNanoMicroMilli
Cabinet & sizeLabyrint in aluminium & composite252 x 329 x 110 mm367 x 335 x 182 mm334 x 384 x 214 mm
Low freq. driverUnderhung V.C., bamboo cone, ND motor3”4”5”
High freq. driverCeramic dome, Nd motor¾”¾”¾”
AmplifierD-class FB, output @ 0,01% THD20+15 W35+15 W45+15 W
DSP filter24 bit, 44,4 kHz
InputSeparate connection box with RCA, XLR and Toslink. Digital 192 kHz. Analog 1,4 V
Maximum SPL @ 1 m, continous 96 dB99 dB102 dB
Maximum SPL @ 1 m, transient@ max 10% THD99 dB102 dB105 dB
Distortion THD @ 1W1 kHz-12 kHz/100 Hz-1 kHz0,2% / 5%0,1% / 2%0,3% / 1%
Frequency RangeAbove 200 Hz ±1,5 dB55 Hz - 20 kHz38 Hz - 20 kHz35 Hz - 20 kHz
PairingAbove 300 Hz
Data to be confirmed
±2 dB±1 dB±1,5 dB
Recomended room spaceStandard room height 2,5 m 12 m²20 m²35 m²